The payment of the Products purchased on the Website is made through PayPal and credit card.
Edesignerbrands accepts the credit cards of the Visa, Mastercard and American Express circuits.

For greater security, only payment service providers have access to payment data, while
Edesignerbrands has no possibility of knowing or storing such data. Specifically, with regard to credit card
transactions, card data is not stored on Edesignerbrands computer systems. The management of
sensitive data is taken care of by the subjects that deals with payment services and Edesignerbrands has
no possibility to know or save data.

At the time the order is placed, no credit card will be charged to the credit card used by the User for
payment. The charge will be made only after the conclusion of the contract and after (a) the credit card
details used by the User for payment have been verified and (b) the credit card company used by the
User will have issued the authorization to debit.

The sales operations of Edesignerbrands are not subject to the obligation to issue the invoice, nor to the
obligation of certification by issuing the receipt or the receipt. The User will receive an e-mail confirming
the summary order of the same. If the User requests the issuance of the invoice, the same is required to
indicate it and communicate the data for the header where required during the purchase process. The
summary – or, where required during the purchase process, the invoice – of each purchase will be
available in the “Your account – Your orders” section. It is understood that the invoice issue request
during the purchase process of a specific Product does not involve the automatic issuance of the invoice
for subsequent purchases.

In case of non-payment, Edesignerbrands will charge the costs related to the management of the
outstanding payment to the User and will refuse the relative purchase order, by communicating it by e-